You wrote a fantastic book, but it doesn't get much attention? You have done everything to advertise and promote your book, but you get only a few sales? Perhaps it is your book cover that needs more attention! Are you an Indie author? Did you do the cover by yourself to save money? Or did you buy a cheap cover from someone who doesn't have as much experiences and knowledge about design as I do?

The look of your book cover is the first impression the potential reader gets and if this cover doesn't evoke a positive emotional reaction right away, it is most likely that your book will remain on the shelf for a long time or even forever. Nobody will even read the blurb to find out what the book is all about. What a pity!

If you want your hard work wrapped in a great and unique cover to help you sell your book like hot cakes, then contacting me is your solution to your problem. More information on my INFO/FAQ page and read the TESTIMONIALS to get an idea how authors think about my work.


Have a look at my portfolios to see what I have done so far for authors internationally.


All premades are of the same high quality as my custom work. Each cover is sold only once.

What authors think about my service!

"Beautiful work and amazing to work with. Everything was finished very fast and Yvonne was a pleasure to work with. I'm glad I chose Art 4 Artists for my book cover and promos!" - ANDREA LAMOUREUX
"I came across Yvonne Less after seeing one of her book cover on a friend’s book. It was simply stunning and when I came to publish my own book I knew where to go! This is one of my best decisions!  My book cover is outstanding and garners praise from everyone who sees it. Eye-catching, mystical, mysterious. The artist has a true gift. Furthermore, Yvonne is always keen to produce the best looking product and listened to and offered suggestions how to improve the cover. It was a joy to work with Yvonne. She works with great professionalism and speed - both ebook and paperback cover were ready in two weeks! At all times I was informed of the progress of my cover, clearly told what was needed and this communication was excellent throughout - and vital for any business in today’s global market. I can highly recommend Yvonne Less; you and your book will be in secure and caring hands.ANNIKA PERRY