Custom Cover Design

If you couldn't find what you are looking for, a custom cover would be a great choice. 

IMPORTANT: I don't have fixed prices! My prices depending on the design, time I have to invest and material I use!

To order a custom cover, please send me following information via email:

  1.     The confirmation that you read and agree with the copyright information (INFO/FAQ)
  2.     If you want to order only an ebook, a cover for print or both
  3.     If this cover is a single cover, or if it is part of a series
  4.     The size for the print cover
  5.     The page count for your print cover (no problem, if you don't know it yet)
  6.     Where you want to publish
  7.     Any text, like title, subtitle, author name(s) and blurb
  8.     A brief summery about the content of your book and any idea, if you already
        have something in mind
  9.     Where you want to use the design, other than a book cover

If you are not sure yet about all the information contact me anyway and we will work something out.
The prices for a custom cover depends on the work, time, image licenses and complexity.

I deliver in following image sizes:

  •     1867 x 2800 at 300dpi for your archive
  •     1867 x 2800 at 72dpi for your ebook(s) at Amazon or similar websites

The image size for the print cover depends on your requests. 

I deliver in following image formats:

  •     JPG format for ebooks
  •     PDF format for print covers when you publish through or similar websites
  •     other formats on request 

What you will get for your money?

  •     the choice between 2 different rough previews for further adjustments
  •     the choice between 3 different fonts for title, subtitle and name
  •     reviews until you are satisfied
  •     download links for the final cover
  •     3 image in different sizes for ebooks and 2 files for your print cover

You can order your promotional material together with your ebook and/or print cover!

If you need further information or want to order, contact me: