What authors have to say

"Auf der Suche nach einer Designerin, die vor allem schnell und zuverlässig arbeitet bin ich immer wieder über die wunderschönen Cover von Yvonne gestolpert und so kam unsere Zusammenarbeit zustande. Ich wollte für meine neue Buchserie ein Cover haben das aus der Masse angenehm herausragt und das habe ich bekommen, professionell und perfekt. Danke Yvonne, dass du all meine Ideen verstanden und geduldig, aber vor allem ausgesprochen kreativ umgesetzt hast. Unsere Zusammenarbeit lief völlig problemlos und absolut pünktlich. Ich freue mich schon auf viele weitere Projekte mit dir. Und danke dir von Herzen." - CLANNON MILLER

"I stumbled upon Yvonne’s website while looking for a designer to do the custom cover for my novel ‘Elephant Thief’ and I’m so glad I did! She took my vague ideas and a stock image I’d found and transformed it into a stunning cover. I wanted something that said ‘fantasy romance’ and by adding the right images and fonts she got it exactly right. I really appreciated her quick response time, the fact that she kept me posted on her progress throughout and her patience when I couldn’t quite make up my mind between designs. It was a pleasure working with her!"


"Beautiful work and amazing to work with. Everything was finished very fast and Yvonne was a pleasure to work with. I'm glad I chose Art 4 Artists for my book cover and promos!" - ANDREA LAMOUREUX
Liebe Yvonne Less, besten Dank für die unkomplizierte, kreative und professionelle Zusammenarbeit, für mein nächstes Cover werde ich mich gleich an dich wenden. Beste Wünsche - EDGAR WIEFEL-Autor von "Rebirth ...derTod ist erst der Anfang!"
"Von einer Freundin wurde mir die Empfehlung für Yvonne Less gegeben. „Yvonne macht richtig tolle Cover. Sie geht gut auf deine Wünsche ein und das zu absolut fairen Preisen. “
Vor kurzem habe ich mein viertes Cover erstellen lassen. Jedes Mal war ich absolut zufrieden. Egal, ob ich mit allgemeinen oder präzisen Vorstellungen ankam, -es fand sich immer ein ansprechendes Ergebnis. Die Arbeit ging, zügig voran, wurde zuverlässig umgesetzt und war ihr Geld immer wert! Empfehlenswert!"- NIKLAS WINGENDER 
"Die Zusammenarbeit mit Yvonne war wieder problemlos. Selbst nach wiederholten Veränderungswünschen war sie weiterhin professionell geblieben. Stellenweise dachte ich schon, dass sie meine Gedanken lesen könnte, denn sie hat meine Vorstellungen ein jedes Mal übertroffen. Sie arbeitet schnell und auch die Lieferung lässt nach Bezahlung nie lange auf sich warten. "Resolution" war bestimmt nicht das letzte Werk, das ich von ihr ins richtige Bild rücken lasse. Vielen Danke für die Zusammenarbeit." - ADREANO CASTELANO
"A fellow author recommended Yvonne's site when I needed a cover for my first book, and I'm so glad he did. So far, I've commissioned two custom covers for my novels. I love the work she's done! She always answered my questions promptly and made sure I was happy with the cover throughout the entire design process. It's been a pleasure both times." - ADAM HORNE
“Yvonne Less wurde mir auf Facebook empfohlen, und ich habe nicht nur ihre Arbeiten bewundern können, sondern auch viel Lob über die Zusammenarbeit mit ihr gehört. Dass das berechtigt war, hat sie sehr schnell bewiesen: nette, zeitnahe Kommunikation, Interesse an allen Details und Wünschen sowie Umsetzung des Ganzen zum perfekt passenden Cover. Keine langen Wartezeiten und ein sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Und so viele tolle Premade-Cover, die einen zu neuen Geschichten inspirieren – ich bin schon mehrfach schwach geworden. Auch ich empfehle sie sehr gerne weiter!” - BIRGIT OTTEN
"Das Grafik- und Coverdesign von Yvonne Less - A4A Art4Artists - hat mich voll und ganz überzeugt. Titelbild und Rückseite für meinen Debütroman sind einfach nur traumhaft schön und drücken exakt das aus, was ich mir vorgestellt hatte. Danke, liebe Yvonne - du hast mich sehr glücklich gemacht. Yvonne arbeitet schnell, zuverlässig und liefert einfach tolle Arbeit ab. Und was das Wichtigste ist: Yvonne spricht die Sprache von uns Autoren und wandelt diese in Bilder um - und dabei lässt sie niemals den Dialog abreißen, sondern bezieht den Autor auf Wunsch in jede noch so kleine Entscheidung ein. Eine Designerin, die ich nur wärmstens empfehlen kann und werde! Einfach Klasse!" - JEDIDA A. HARRISON
"In today's publishing world of publishing nobody can afford to look amateurish. Selling Russian books during current economical and political crisis (and a rampant piracy as a result) simply leaves no room for mistakes. The book cover is the first thing people see and it has to be good. Yvonne Less not only creates beautiful covers but makes them affordable for indie authors and small publishers (although the big Russian publishing houses use her stock images as well!). Working with Yvonne is a pleasure - she is highly professional and delivers work in a timely manner with great attention to details. When we need the next cover, we know where to go!" - MARIA FEHT, FEHT INC

"Yvonnes einzigartige Cover fielen mir sofort auf, weil sie individuell gestaltet sind und ihren eigenen Charme besitzen. Das Preis-Leisungs-Verhältnis ist sehr gut und die Zusammenarbeit stets professionell. Ich werde sicher noch öfter ein Cover bei ihr kaufen."


"Yvonne Less is an absolute delight to work with. Her creative flare and ability to design stunning covers is the reason she is our number one choice designer. With little guidance she captured the essence of our series and created six covers we love. We look forward to working with Yvonne in the future and highly recommend her services." - T.J.ADAMS & RENEE HAMMOND
"Yvonne is a brilliant and highly efficient professional. She is our cover designer and it's real pleasure to work with her. Besides, if you ever need someone to deliver under pressure Yvonne is the right choice for you. We can highly recommend working with her."
"Thanks to Yvonne for making my book cover look awesome! As a self-publisher, I knew I needed to go beyond the stereotypical amateur cover. I pounced on the opportunity when she posted the pre-made cover on Facebook. The illustration was a perfect fit for my story line. She sent me seven previews of name and title variations which included different colors and fonts within hours of sending her the retainer fee. I was pleasantly surprised at how great they all looked. The only delays in the transaction were on my end (finishing my book interior so she could finish the spine dimensions). She was patient to the very end. All the files I received from her uploaded to my publishing servers without issue. I will be contacting her for fresh covers of my first two novels real soon and for any future projects. In the end, A4A has become my cover shop. Professional quality, price and customer service makes this the only place to dress your book." - DANIEL L. NEWCOMB
"I came back to Yvonne Less to do the cover for book two in my Matakeo series. Sales have accelerated now that the trilogy is professionally covered. I highly recommend this service. I had cover headers done for Facebook and Twitter along with a file for storefront flyers. She does amazing work and the price was right for my budget. I will come back for future projects. Thank you, Yvonne." - DANIEL L. NEWCOMB

“Yvonne is a pleasure to work with and made the perfect cover for my book. She listened to what I wanted and came up with something that exceeded my expectations. I have no doubt that this beautiful book cover will make a huge difference in book sales. Thanks Yvonne!“


“I was referred to Yvonne by another new author, who expressed a great deal of satisfaction with her work. He was con-vinced a good part of his early success was due to her art. I have found an equal amount of delight with her creations and saw a measurable increase in sales with her replacement cover for my first book. I am using her service also for several other books.“ - CW LAMB
"I needed a book cover fairly quickly to have galley copies made within the month. I sent Yvonne Less the details in broad strokes: a paranormal mood, a white wolf, an old farmhouse in a forest. Within 24 hours I had two lovely options from which to choose, both of which captured exactly the tone and look I wanted. Choosing one was the most difficult part! Better yet, once I had decided on my favorite, Yvonne Less made further suggestions that improved even on that, with an eye toward the art's effectiveness in various digital formats. Yvonne Less made the process quick and easy, showing great intuition in creating the final product. Putting my cover art in the hands of such a reliable and capable artist has been one of the smartest decisions I've made in my self-publishing career." CHRISTINA HARLIN
"Yvonne is a pleasure to work with. Her work is very professional and she is happy to work with you until you are satisfied with the cover. She is very creative and her work is always delivered in a timely fashion.When she promises a delivery date it is never late, and usually earlier than promised. I highly recommend authors to look into her work and her myriad of predisigned covers and if there is something more specific you may want custom made like I did, her creativity is sure to come up with a great design." - D.G. KAYE
"I found writing a novel to be a difficult but rewarding experience. Finding a good cover for it? Even more difficult and very frustra-ting—until I came upon Yvonne’s site. Her gallery was full of beautiful artwork, but a three-piece set of covers jumped off the page to me. After contacting her, I knew I had found my artist. Yvonne was very easy and enjoyable to work with. She was a professional and always receptive to any changes I wanted to make. All work was completed in a timely fashion, and the final product was just what I had been looking for. I would not hesitate to use her services again. First class all the way!" - J. ALAN FIELD
"Yvonne is easy to work with, very prompt with her feedback and offers great suggestions. Her stunning covers have such amazing detail to them that they are well worth a closer study. They notonly inspire me to write, but make me wish I had more stories to match with them. They will enliven your book, or any book, so I would highly recommend them." - R.B. BANFIELD
"I am so IMPRESSED with Yvonne. The other cover designers I contacted either didn't want the job or weren't able to do it. Yvonne not only took on the project, everything I asked for was improved and made much better than I could imagine. The finished logo and cover are AMAZING. I absolutely love them. Next time, I'll be contacting her first." - TERRI LUCKEY
"Yvonne was a pleasure to work with. Her digital artwork is unique and eye catching, which makes it perfect for e-book covers. I would highly recommend her for other authors looking for a quality cover designer." - THOMAS FAY
"It's rare to find a cover designer who can deliver exactly the image you visualize in your mind. Yvonne Less is such a designer."
"I found Yvonne's artwork through SelfPubBookCovers and was instantly intrigued. The covers just seemed to have been made for my stories! The more I found, the more I wanted them and her work graces four of my front covers - and with a whole new series of sci-fi planned - I'll be coming back for plenty more! Her covers are a perfect mix of excitement and mystery, yet romantic - which is absolutely perfect for my books - the latest one I purchased was only on the website for about a minute before I'd snatched it up! I have that one for "The Watchtower" which will be released later this year. Fabulous work Yvonne - keep 'em coming!" - HEATHER MAR-GARRISON
"I have purchased several book covers from Yvonne, and all of them have been high-quality pieces. In fact, one even gave me an idea for a sequel I was working on at the time. However, the service doesn't end there. Yvonne has always been great in communicating with me, offering to assist with the book cover fonts and placement to get everything just right. It is a pleasure dealing with this artist, and I hope we can do business again. Thank you!" - KEVIN HOPSON
"I searched the web thoroughly for a book cover design. I wanted it to match my heroine and give readers the opportunity to visualize her as the hero and I saw her. My son Daniel directed me to Yvonne Less' web site. I told her what I required. She presented several pre-covers for my inspection. I chose one that she presented. Its simplicity and beauty exceeded all my expectations. It makes the book. If you are searching the web for a great book cover, then I might save you some labor by advising you to contact Yvonne Less, first. She may not have what you require but she can create it very quickly. Approximately sixty books are stashed on a flash drive. Yvonne gets the chance to work her wizardry on them. Harrick, my hero, and I thank you for giving him a knockout antagonist." - LLOYD D. NEWCOMB
"Yvonne Less was my first, last, and only choice to do the cover for 'THE SANCTUM OF THE SPHERE', and I couldn't be happier with the result. The work was done quickly, at a perfectly reasonable cost, and she took my ideas for the cover and improved on them tremendously.
I recommend this site to authors all the time and can't wait to work with her again!" - LUTHER M. SILER
"Yvonne worked on the cover of my story "A Blue Moon Phase of the Heart" and did a fantastic job capturing the perfect image, the mood, and putting all of the elements together that I needed to portray the gist of my story. She worked through numerous readjustments and also gave me information on putting the whole thing on Amazon when the time arrives. She was a total professional and a pleasure to work with." 
"Yvonne Less is wonderful to work with. She’s very professional and delivers her work when promised, if not before. Her covers are absolutely gorgeous. I’m so impressed with the work she did on my single title Gothic romance, as well as my upcoming ghost series that I plan on using her for all my book covers." - RAINE ENGLISH